2011 Oregon NAME Conference
April 30, 2011. University of Oregon Law School, Eugene



  • Gratefulness: An impact of "niceness" - A barrier to authentic understanding, relationship building, and change
    Divya Bheda

  • Uncovering themes of social justice and critical questioning of "nice" children's literature
    Kena Avila, Cynthia Basye, Jennifer Kumar

  • "Con permiso": Latinos changing Eugene's sustainability culture
    Artemio Paz, Jr., Marcela Mendoza

  • Creating a balanced jury: An integrated approach to understanding proportionalities and the justice system
    Jessica Hopson, Megan Vosk

  • Cultural linguistics: Decolonizing education
    Susan Dwoskin, Ana Quintero-Arias

  • Using real talk (about race, class, & culture) to create & maintain an inclusive school culture that supports high achievement
    Keisha M. Edwards

  • No more wimpy people: A workshop designed to help people in "helping" professions help themselves
    Niskaw Nipissing

  • The Chinese in Oregon: Triumph, tragedy, challenge and change
    Jon Lee, Edmund Lee, Florence Lee


  • Disability as a culture: A missing perspective
    Neera Malhotra, Pauline Lavingston

  • Dynamics: Race, gender, and negotiation in our mentor-mentee portraits
    LeoNora Cohen, Kathleen Cowin, Kathryn Ciechanowski, Richard Orozco

  • Not the boss of me!
    Jose Luis Alonso, Kate Tierney

  • Teaching mathematics as multicultural activity
    Manuel Guerra, Taylor A. Marrow III

  • Moving Beyond Whiteness in Multicultural Education
    Swapna Mukhopadhyay, Brian Greer
  • Paper identity: Impacts of the new US Department of Education requirements for the collection and reporting of race and ethnicity data
    Jane Waite

  • I too am Eugene: Multicultural historical activism
    Mark Harris

  • Breaking the cycle of racial disparities and civil rights violations in school
    Joyce Harris

  • Beyond awareness of white privilege: Strengthening the will and skills of white anti-racist educators
    Jacqueline Duyck, John Lenssen

  • Rehearsals for life: Using interactive theatre to build effective allies
    Abigail Leeder, Mia Tuan


  • Raising awareness of race, power and privilege in predominantly white preservice teachers
    Anita Zijdemans Boudreau, Glenda Moss
  • Questions that demand our attention
    Scott Nine

  • Integrating Web2Quests into multicultural education courses in Taiwan
    Limei G. Lin

  • Exploring sona in a mathematics course for preservice teachers
    Ann Sitomer

  • Diverse learners and teacher education: A sociocultural approach from pK-12 to higher education
    Stacey Van Blom, Elissa Blackhurst
  • In search of authentic learning: The experience of three emerging teachers in Baja
    Doug Neill, Melissa Lutsch

  • Confronting prejudice: Conversations about discrimination in the middle school classroom
    Ashley LaVelle, Amanda Greene-Chacon

  • Am I racist? One white man's journey to self-awareness
    Jay Stahly

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